Saturday, 19 December 2009

Penis Enlargement Exercise Program - The Safest And Simplest Way To Make Your Penis Bigger

With the introduction of Viagra into modern day medicine most guys are now aware of the spongy tissue of the penis that holds blood. It is this spongy tissue and the amount of blood it can hold that is so important in erections. Many of you may also know of the pubococcygeus muscle (PC muscle) which is ultra important in maintaining erections and controlling premature ejaculation.

However the PC muscle is not the only muscle of the penis. The Ischio Cavernous (IC) and Bulbo Cavernous (BC) are muscles that can determine your penis size. These muscles wrap around the penis and when expanded and contracted they are able to increase penis size. As with most muscles of the body, when exercised they become stronger and bigger.

There are also ligaments that literally hold your penis in place. The suspensory ligament runs from the pubic bone along the shaft and stops just short of the head. It is this ligament that holds your penis in place and stops it from falling or being torn off! It is the suspensory ligament that is severed during penis lengthening surgery. (Ouch, it even hurts just saying it!) The ligament is cut and then positioned further down the shaft, which is supposed to make your penis bigger. However, penis enlargement surgery requires a strict regime of hanging weights off your manhood to eventually increase penis size.

The reason for hanging weights off your manhood after surgery is to ensure that your penis is regularly pulled down to stop the build up of scar tissue. Unfortunately, if scar tissue does take hold after surgery this can often draw your member up making your penis shorter than when you started! This is why so many guys turn to exercise to increase their penis size. It is so much safer and simpler to actually stretch the suspensory ligament rather than cutting into it. If you exercise or train, you are probably well aware that ligaments can be stretched...and stretched a long way!

I would suggest that if you wish to exercise to make your penis bigger that you MUST follow a reputable penis enlargement exercise program. I will introduce you to the penis enlargement exercise program that i have followed, but first i wish to tell you about the 3 most basic exercises to help make your penis bigger.

Exercises to increase penis size

1) Suspensory ligament stretch - start with your manhood in a semi-erect state (this is very important, never exercise with a flaccid penis). Then create an OK sign by touching your forefinger and thumb together. Wrap around your penis as close to the pubic bone as possible. Then with a firm grip (not so firm that you cause yourself an injury!) draw your "OK" sign down the shaft and stop just before the head. This will force blood into the head of your penis and you should notice it becomes extremely full and hard. Then gently pull away from the body, don't yank or tug! Hold each pull for 10 seconds and repeat 20-25 times for a set. You should aim to complete 5 sets in total.

2) Kegel contractions - You will need to sit on a ball of some description for this exercise. Tennis, soccer, basket, whatever ball you prefer! The ball should be placed between your scrotum and anus. Now for a 5 minute period contract the anus muscles and the muscles that stop you from urinating. Each contraction should last for 10-15 seconds and repeat until your 5 minutes is up. This is much harder than it sounds, try it! This exercise concentrates on the PC muscle. Perhaps not the greatest exercise to make your penis bigger, but fantastic at helping to control premature ejaculation. This exercise will also work the IC and BC muscles.

3) Wally Wall Ups - For this penis enlargement exercise sit on the edge of a chair or the toilet and make your penis fully erect. Now drape a small towel over your manhood and contract the PC muscles to make your erection stand up against the added the resistance of the towel. This exercise once again also works the IC and BC muscles. Aim to hold the upright position for a count of 5 seconds. That is one rep and go for 8-10 reps per set. Complete 5 sets of this penis enlargement exercise. The stronger your penile muscles get, the harder you can make this exercise by using a larger or wet towel.

As i mentioned above, i would like to introduce you to what thousands of guys the world over would describe as the BEST penis enlargement exercise program - Penis Advantage.

The Penis Advantage exercise program has been around for a few years now and appears to be the most successful penis enlargement exercise program in the marketplace. At first when i read about exercising to make your penis bigger, i was skeptical as i'm sure you are. However, the science behind exercising to increase penis size has been proven over and over again.

This penis enlargement exercise program will walk you through the exercises you need to learn and also teach you the "why's" and "how's"! Certain exercises concentrate on increasing the length of the penis, while others work on the girth. The exercises can help you to achieve far stronger, fitter and harder erections and they will definitely make your penis bigger.

I am relatively new to this penis enlargement exercise program, however after a few months i have noticed just over an inch gain in length and around half an inch in girth. The training of the PC muscles has also allowed me to last longer in bed. So a win-win situation you could say. However, this is just the start for me as i want to achieve far greater gains in penis size.

The main thing i have learnt about exercising to increase penis size is that it requires a lot of patience, dedication and definitely a positive attitude. As with most things in life, if you don't believe then it will never happen!